Projects or initiatives I have been involved in.

Current projects

Archived projects

  • AURA
    Industrialisation of a AI-powered prototype to detect epileptic seizures early.
  • Data anonymiser
    A Perl module providing utilities to anonymise data, in the context of dataset generation.
  • Maven data exporter
    A Docker image that reads a Maven Indexer index and extract information about the indexed documents as a convenient text file..
  • Alambic
    An open source framework and service to extract and present software development information from forges. developement process.
  • Crossminer
    A EU-funded research project to assess and recommend software products.
  • Maisqual
    My Ph.D. about Mining Software engineering data for knowledge.
  • PolarSys
    A fully automated evalution model for software quality, collaboratively built with the PolarSys community.